Thursday, 23 March 2017

23 March 2017

 The West German Gepard Flakpanzer Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun was based on the chassis of the Leopard 1 Main Battle Tank.

The Gepard is a late Cold War era self-propelled anti-aircraft gun of German origin. It was developed in the late 1960's in response to the increased Soviet frontal aviation threat, including the well armored Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter. The Gepard is a very capable anti-aircraft gun with enormous firepower and good fire control equipment. The name Gepard is German for Cheetah.

The Gepard is based on the Leopard 1 chassis, which is lengthened and has less armor. The driver is seated at the front, the two man turret in the middle and the engine and drivetrain at the rear. The turret is unusual since the two 35mm autocannon are mounted on each side of the turret. The search radar is mounted on top of the turret at the rear and the tracking radar is mounted in front of the turret. When on the move the search radar is lowered behind the turret and tracking radar rotates 180 degrees...........


So this week, the stories that excites me are as follows:-

A. Job related / industry related story - AutoCAD

AutoCAD 2018 was released last Tuesday 21 March 2018.

As I and other millions who used this software for work (essential in construction and engineering), the news of the release is exciting.

Introducing AutoCAD 2018: What's New? | AutoCAD 
I'm not sure when the software will be here in Malaysia though.  I understand from the video that most of the updates is for the integration of x ref and cad files, and the integration to Android equipment, ie tablet. smartphones.

Other new abilities are PDF Import enhancement where PDF writings now can be imported to TXT files in AutoCAD.

B. Books
After completing recent job, I went to Amcorp Mall for window shopping. But as usual, temptation kicks in and I end up buying something.
A compilation of Fyodor Dostoevsky's short stories, for RM15.00

A great book about military stuff, RM25.00

C. Far Beyond Driven is 23 years old now.

23 years ago, on March 22 1994, Pantera released Far Beyond Driven.
It was my first Pantera album, remembered how I was dumbstruck by the opening song, and enjoying the last 4 songs in the album, which was Shedding Skin, Use My Third Arm, Throes of Rejection and Planet Caravan (a Black Sabbath cover).
I was into tape trading with my classmates, it was 1996, I was in Form 2, back then I already bought all the Metallica's album, ie from Kill Em All up to the Black Album and Load.
I lent Metallica's And Justice For All to a classmate and he lent me Pantera's Far Beyond Driven.
It was difficult to get cassette tapes for this kind of music, I usually have to travel to KL's Sogo, to either Plaza Campbell or Pertama Complex to buy these cassette tapes.
Plaza Campbell, there were few shops, one of the famous shop was Kedai Auntie, where an old Chinese Auntie that did "bootlegging" on most of the metal underground cassette tapes for a fair price.
Strength Beyond Strength - 0:00 
Becoming - 3:39 
5 Minutes Alone - 6:44 
I'm Broken - 12:33 
Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills - 16:58 
Hard Lines, Sunken Cheeks - 19:51 
Slaughtered - 26:52 
25 Years - 30:50 
Shedding Skin - 36:55 
Use My Third Arm - 42:32 
Throes of Rejection - 47:25 
 Planet Caravan (cover Black Sabbath) - 52:26
There would not be a choice but to take our side.
Be there no question of certain strengths.
Know this intention.
Forever stronger than all.
I remembered now being 14 years old, full of acne and testosterone, listening to this crap. 
It was epic, my dear. 
D. Soon to be 35.
28 March 2017, I'll be 35 years old.
Remember my cute niece, Sabrina? 

No, this is not Sabrina, this is a cute cat, even though both having the same cute intensity.

Now this is Sabrina, her younger days, eating KFC rice.

Recent photo of Sabrina during Chinese New year 2017

The story is Sabrina will got either a younger brother or sister this 28 or 29 March 2017.

My wife and I are praying for our sister in law, a.k.a Sabrina's mom to be safe delivering the baby.

The eyes of anticipation.

That's all folks.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

tall poppy syndrome

Photo : Tarquinius Superbus by Lawrence Alma-Tadema, depicting the king receiving a laurel; the poppies in the foreground refer to the "tall poppy" allegory. Copied from : Wikipedia

The tall poppy syndrome is a culture where people of high status are resented, attacked, cut down or criticised because they have been classified as better than their peers..........The concept originates from accounts in Herodotus' The Histories (Book 5, 92f), Aristotle's Politics (1284a), and Livy's History of Rome, Book I.

[Periander] had sent a herald to Thrasybulus and inquired in what way he would best and most safely govern his city. Thrasybulus led the man who had come from Periander outside the town, and entered into a sown field. As he walked through the wheat, continually asking why the messenger had come to him from Cypselus, he kept cutting off all the tallest ears of wheat which he could see, and throwing them away, until he had destroyed the best and richest part of the crop. Then, after passing through the place and speaking no word of counsel, he sent the herald away. When the herald returned to Cypselus, Periander desired to hear what counsel he brought, but the man said that Thrasybulus had given him none. The herald added that it was a strange man to whom he had been sent, a madman and a destroyer of his own possessions, telling Periander what he had seen Thrasybulus do. Periander, however, understood what had been done, and perceived that Thrasybulus had counselled him to slay those of his townsmen who were outstanding in influence or ability; with that he began to deal with his citizens in an evil manner.

— Herodotus, The Histories, Book 5, 92-f
..................Of the Australian definition, Peter Hartcher of the Sydney Morning Herald writes, "(Australian) citizens know that some among them will have more power and money than others... But according to the unspoken national ethos, no Australian is permitted to assume that he or she is better than any other Australian. 

How is this enforced? 

By the prompt corrective of levelling derision. It has a name—The "Tall Poppy Syndrome". 

The tallest flowers in the field will be cut down to the same size as all the others. This is sometimes misunderstood... It isn't success that offends Australians. It's the affront committed by anyone who starts to put on superior airs"

KUALA LUMPUR, March 18 — Malaysian internet users have come to the defence of Natasha Qisty Mohd Ridzuan who is being criticised for wearing cosmetics during an interview about her straight-A results in the 2016 Malaysian Certificate of Education (SPM) examination.

The student from Kolej Tunku Kurshiah in Negri Sembilan was also denounced for purportedly speaking with a foreign accent as well as her attire during the interview with state news agency Bernama.

Most comments expressed either disapproval of her appearance or claimed that she will rely more on her beauty than her intelligence to succeed.........

This is why Malaysia finds it so hard to progress, so many uneducated people yet so powerful when it comes to bashing others,” he wrote.